Become our agency


for every bag model and combinations, we give high discount than the regular market price based on the different agency class,if you are interested in becoming our agency,feel free to contact us.


How to:

just fill in the blankets we provide in the page (in its body) at:

in templates like:






tel number




products you currently are selling:


current marketing source:


□via microblog

□via wechat

□via B2C/C2C




 via private stores

 via suppermarket stand

sales capacity/per month

○<20k   ○20-50k   ○50-100k   ○>1000k

the target agecy class to apply: 






then click to send all the information to us.


Important Docments:

for The Agency application process, you can click to download the documents 《KORRALAA agency rules》 and the 《After sales rules for korralaa agencies》 here,for further information like the price level for each agency levels, we can contact you via the email info you provided us.