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tips to spot a fake designer handbag - from a newbie’s view

many people may have fallen victim to buy designer handbags that are fake ones. I said so because i myself have once been the victim of such a crime. I carried around my newly bought Gucci bag until one day I was enlightened by my friends about the fact that this may be a fake one, and soon i discovered the fact that this is true, i start to dive on topics and posts on internet on how to spot a fake designer handbag and till now I've done much research of such online,such as discusses on “how to spot“ when one get her/his designer handbag.  But these posts may turn out to be too professional to understand, or one may take long to finish master them, so here i just list the easy-to-understand ones, i am not hermes hongkong  for newbies only:

  • Look carefully at the designer logo/signature and make a judgment from it:

 Does it look correct?  If no, then it must be a fake one.

  • Ensure that there is theserial numberand check it for its valiable.

 If no serial number is provided then do not bid. There are some exceptions to this rule as some vintage handbags did not have serial numbers but the fake handbag makers are aware of this too and will use that as an excuse to why there is not a serial number.  

Warned yourself that Know that just because there is a serial number that it may still be a fake. korralaa designer handbag We need query the provided serial number and make sure it matches the handbag you are bidding on on the right offical site of the bag seller.

  • Judge from the price range

 If the price is too good to be true the handbag is probably too good to be true too. There are a few exceptions to this rule too. I have purchased designer handbags at thrift stores for pretty low prices but I am always very careful to look over the handbag to make sure it is the real deal.  

  • Contact the seller and ask questions. 

 If the seller cant instantly answer some key important questions or in the response there is easy to find out conflicts. Keep away from it

  •  If after all these steps you just aren't certain avoid bidding on the item. You should be comfortable and confident that you are getting a good deal on a designer handbag and are not getting ripped off.  

I hope this simple guide helps some of you avoid the pitfall of buying designer handbags.  This is unfortunately a very popular and extremely popular illegal market. Some of the fakes have become so good that it is even hard for experts to tell the difference between real and fake. If you receive your handbag and are not certain of its authenticity have it checked.  

Anyone, assume that we have no professional friends to ask help from, we better Google "How to spot a fake (here fill in the designer handbag name you are looking at) handbag" there are so many guides out there including YouTube videos to help you spot a fake.