So you need a “joker” bag as a “breton top” do?

So you need a “joker” bag as a “breton top” do?

Which clothes can be considered as best “joker” ones? --- the head on this listing should be the “Breton Top” , which comes with strong leisure and elegant french favors. But many girls treated it as only simple “stripe pattern lined clothes”, this greatly count down its historical reasons.

In fact, the Breton tops originated earlier in the northwest area of France - a place named Britanny, it is just there where it was named as the “Breton tops”, the inital Breton tops are designed with careful sewed cotton cloth materials, aimed to equip the seaman as a protector level against the strong sea wind and sunlight, the biggest feature of it is the color - when a seaman dropped from the boat into the sea by accident, she or he can be easily caught in sight by someone in the vast sea from the clothes color.

But nowadays the new duty for the “Breton top” changed for the females into that: to protect the females everywhere in the rapid changing fashion styles formed “sea”.

The inital Breton design is all of “blue-white stripes clothes”, but now the word “Breton top” doesn’t limit only in this - it owns a ton kinds of various, among all each can outline its beauties no matter whether it was matched with a “skirt” or a “trousers”.

As the joker clothes style, The Breton Top matching art is developed into its “melting point” by stars and great females,below are some of them:

The legend lady: chanel

The forever princess: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Tautou, who acted chanel in film 《Coco avant Chanel》

Then the Sweet jane birkin, she matched the breton top with wide-leg jean, with her favourite signature Woven bag, the photo itself is enough to draw your inspirations toward the south france beach sightscope.

Certainly there would be more fresh ones in LOOK

To breton top, The match of it with scarves can be beautiful too


especially with a korralaa bag?