You can’t miss the golden bag matching rules that get trendy with females

You can’t miss the golden bag matching rules that get trendy with females


being more beautiful is always a female’s naturality, and good dressing combination make her be in perfect state all day long.

Of which the matching schemes and rules related to the bag deals most upon all, has much business to do with the season, the age, the character, the occasion, and the job factors.



  • the season

the weather and climate changed vastly during the seasons transition in a year to influence the female dressing trends, then comes the environment aspects, spring-summer steadily varies from each other a bit, in a calm, soft regular season transition and climate changing manner, the warm and yet sunny spring days make people feel comfortable, the desert coloredbags could be the best choice for females, while in summer the light green and light pure colors, that is because in summer the weather could be hot and dry, if a female took a bigredbag with her, it will produce noisy when people sighted at it feeling bad, but in winter where there the environment was filled with large area cold colors, the darkcolorbags would cooperate better with it, they would go well with a female owner with more harmonious and steady effects produced.

  • the age 

As the old saying goes,females are always fickle, their thoughts varies much as their age increases, especially in bags styles a female need to choose the one corresponding to their actual age at different periods, though some bags maybe beautiful in the style but may turn out to be unfitted for you, so before the purchasing been made, she would have to consider if the bags were fit for her age, take a example, if your turned out to be a a lovely girl in external appearance but with a vintagebag taken with you, this will downgrade your original temperament with bad effects produced.


  • the character

Females divided into two big categories “fashion” and “traditional” by her character, the former would tend to choose the fashion styles which give others feelings of lovely, alternative, and freshness, it is recommended that they took with them a shiny color, trendy styles bag, with a alternative dressing the better but not too much, for the Latter kind of female, simple and fashion ones in pure colors could outline their nobleness and generousness, and supper distinguishing temperament of their own.

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