Some Must-known tips to maintain your expensive bags in a correct way

Some Must-known tips to maintain your expensive bags in a correct way

Some Must-known tips to maintain your expensive bags in a correct way


summary : so how to maintain and keep your LV bags in correct ways and effectively? This deals great significance to people who loves to collect fashion bags, of which the LV, Chennai series especially values much among the all, but how to arrange them, or maintain to keep them for long time use becomes the most difficult problem to those people. 




The underlying problem, always existed in the fact that people usually got confused about the bag texture, anti-wear Properties,, beyond all the questions, the first thing you might have to do is to keep the bag away from the dust polluting, of which a economy ways is to use a cheap pillow-cover to accomplish this (but not the beautiful 220 pure cotton products).

  • Keep bags away from Moths

Secondly,try keep your bags away from moths and insects, many people tends to put the mothballs into the bag cabinet, actually this is a big mistake, they don’t know in fact that, the mothballs will cause demage to the Monogram interior canvas of the LV bags to make it easily produce holes and cracks, so this turned out to be a common mistake, will do harm greatly to the LV bags, so, try not to keep the bags together closely with the mothballs.


  • Don't put too many unused things in the bags

Third, try put things that are appropriate for a bag storage in it,don’t put too many usused things in the bag such as a hard-shell T-shirt packaging bag, because it will make the LV bags muster in bad state, cant restore to its original shape, though the LV bags turned out to be durable, but keeping it in good place will always turned out to be a good choice, when the bag is not in use, avoid putting heavy things on top of the bag, because it will cause the bag cover paint be stripped or the hardware pieces loose,be Scattered, cause of the long-time pressure onto the bag.

Hope all the above help you in your career as a bag collector, it is wished that all you collected famous bags be kept in its raw near-new state, no matter on the surface shininess or the outer shape, to finally perseve to its superior feature.