the Korralaa Story partII - my sister changed a lot after getting her own korralaa bag

the Korralaa Story partII - my sister changed a lot after getting her own korralaa bag

the Korralaa Story partII - my sister changed a lot after getting her own korralaa bag

After the first batch of korralaa bags has been put into market for sale, Miss Rralaa cant help to try it as its first customer, So she headed to the factory, booked a style of of her favor.

A few days Later, Miss Rralaa hangout to one of her sister’s house, but just in a opposite roadside near her house, she suddenly found that his sister were on a stage linked from the ground floor to the second ,trying to climb onto the upper floor. ”Hey,big lady, do you want to kill yourself?” Miss Rralaa felt his eyelid was beating up and down,,she burst out a cry.

Then her sister seems to heard the cry, she reacted to turn back, but didn’t kept be enough careful to notice her foot, so whole her body was slipped from the stairs down onto the ground, with bust heavily crashing the ground, “ough,ough...”, the big pain just make her sister cry soundly.But anyway, thanks to the low stage level she dropped from,or the result could be too bad.

with face be contorted with angry, her sister kept ripping his bust, at the same time slowly moving near Rralaa, said to Rralaa loudly “why do you cry away from such an long distance......” ,then she suspended for a whole, continued crying “oh, my bust”.

“hey, sister, you cant blame me, think about how dangerous it would be to climb the ladders.” Rralaa answered.

“ Anyway i have no ideas,right? you see, i forget to take my room key with me”,her sister explained.

Hearing this, Rralaa burst out with laughter, as the same time she quickly walk to the door under her sister’s puzzled eyesight.Then he flip up the blanket in the forefront door, dramatically took out a key from it.

“Then What is this?” Rralla said and stared at her sister, handed her the found key, trying to keep herself be in good mood.

“Who at last put my key here,, fuck, without telling me it?” her sister said.

“emm........” Rralla just felt nothing to say, she knows that her sister is just such an strange personal, mindless, bit nude, is fully a so called “tough girl”,Even more, she is always absent-minded, always forget to take necessary things after being out door - sometimes the house key, sometimes the money bag, and even sometimes the handbag ------- For a female, bag means all one had when hangout, it causes no difference without a bag or a head.

“Year, Rralaa, where did you get your bag like this? I wanna the same either”, just at the time,her sister sighted at the bags Rralaa carrying. In big curious.

“Didn’t i tell you that i would make a new bag brand mocking up Hermes? And this just is”, Rralaa stared at her sister, sighed heavily, feeling really helpless.

“Oh, it is yours? Then give me one dozen, dozen” ,Rralaa’s sister said, without noticing that Miss Rralaa hardly cant afford at hearing this.

“One dozen? Are you serious?” Rralaa stood there feeling bit exhaustion, but any way, at lat she managed to collect some styles for her sister from the factory.

The interests of this story happened here: It appears so strange that after her sister received the new korralaa bags, she seems to change a lot as if she become another total different woman, no matter where to go,she would take the bag with her, not the “tough girl” any more , the whole appearance of her become more and more temperament, more and more amazing. Another thing worthy to mention is that,the formerly forgetful woman becomes no more forgetful just after she got these korralaa bag, whenever she hangout, she would check all the things if they are ready in the bag such as the important key and money etc. Not the “ absent-minded girl” anymore, habit by Habit, she became seamless careful before leaving the house.

Even, it is heard that her sister at last found her boyfriend, perfectly ended up her 28 year’s single life.