about our products

we treat our products from the very bit of details, provide our customs the best bag product and services to realism our objectives,also satisfying every tricky bag lovers to embrace their classic favours. 

Choosing the right Leather Materials:

Imported Italy Surface Layer Cow hide

Imported France Goat Hide

We apply two leathers on a single bag

Two leather skills for each bag, one the cow hide,the other the goat hide

the cow hide was applied as the bag interior,the clear leather material texturing outlined our bag in great firms and softness.

the other goat hide for exterior, incorporated with the interior it brings with the bag body even more great softness to the touching.

It is worthy to mention that all bag were made from such complete full-size pieces of raw leathers.

Permit using the wasted fragments to be as the skin leather

To ensure the uniform general manner in both colors and touching of the bags we permit using the incomplete material fragments

to give our customs the perfect feeling from 360 degrees and all aspects 


Imported Italy premium nylon thread

With high tensile strength Feature, and low wearing durability

The threads was produced with green dyes, which causes no harm to human health

With Shiny thread body, and fresh colors


We adopt to use zippers produced by the world head factory - the YKK in Japan.

Zippers all come with dedicated industry craftsmanship

Though ten times price higher then common ones, it ensure to offer our customs the invaluable fluid smoothness while experiencing it.

Edge banding with oil:

We choose to use the Italy Aristophanes oil

The unbeatable only choice of the banding industry to outline our dedication.



We choose to use the SUS305 series austenitic stainless steel in hardware

Excellent performance both in strong bending property and great motility

With Surface Hanging electroplating processed

smooth close to a mirror

Dedicated craftsmanship:


Process flow:

Locate cutting -> logo printing -> skin sectioning -> skin border peeling -> interior,exterior skin pasting -> sewing -> band sealing -> polishing -> re band sealing -> hardware setup -> clean,shaping -> quality test -> if pass -> finished

Skilled Bag craftsman:


trusted,Talented, old,experienced bag craftsman in the industry, who averagely possessed 10 years or longer

Quality requirement before putting to the market:

After all, the professional quality check team would take every things details in the strict bag testing stage to ensure the final bag perfectness they are putted into the market -- whereas there is a imperfections in skin material,destroy to fully remake it, whereas there is irregular sewing lines, destroy to fully remake it, whereas there is a unqualified hardware setup, destroy to fully remake it, as korralaa, the final sellable bag must reach the 1st class product standard, not even remains in the regular qualified standard only.