Korralaa objectives

Korralaa objectives


Mock-up is Korralaa‘s naturality,  while fashion is Korralaa‘s personality.

In bag design concept mocking domain, we may not one of the pioneers, but we believes in our success in catching up with others.

Though there are some brands like Korrlaa already in the marketing who sells mocking designed bags, korrlas’s products shall be the leading ones, in quality, Korralaa owns much advantages beyond them, in price, we offer much lower price to customers compared with them, in bag design art and fashion trends, Korralaa even is undoubtedly the fashion leader.

KORRALAA insisted on its superior excellent mocking ideas and extreme magnificent theory, kept serving those confident and determined women and girls who held great passion toward the life,

KORRALAA welcome its users in cutting-edge comfortable mocking spirit to lead the fashion trends, without deliberately requiring the users to stated themselves as “KORRALAAER” 

Beyond all, the most important is the facts that Korralaa brings much convenience and discounts to the wide range of bag customers.