Korralaa Profile

Korralaa Profile


  • Brand profile

bearing great disputes, the KORRALAA originated from the Hongkong fashionista - Miss Ralaa of her mocking Ideas by fully redesigning the foreign classic style Birkin and Kelly bags into one, aimed at helping every fashion bag lovers embrace his or her own classic favor.

  •  Brand history

The inital mocking ideas was inspired in her own experiences life when formerly the Brand Founder Miss RALAA herself is one of the honest Fans of the Birkin and Kelly bags owning up to one hundred of them in those styles at that time, but during using them, Miss RALAA would always feel great inconvenient on them, cause they were usually designed without straps and in small bag handles, users can only held them with hand,this is one aspect.

The second, Birkin and Kelly bags sold at high prices, only this,it kept many consumers door out.

Miss RALAA then come out the inital ideas mocking up the bag design:So if bags were made for human using,then why not make them further humanized and for even more people?

Then she told this to her sisters from whom she received same puzzlement towards the bag design,They all support Ralaa’s ideas,this driver RALAA be determined to put it into real.

And finally,after many great efforts, it come the day of the KORRALAA’s birth.

  • Product and Services

All Korralaa products were produced with high quality imported Skin materials, of 90% percent of the product were hand crafted,with careful and delicate details process, winning great honor from many KORRALAA fans with its great quality.

KORRALAA insisted on its superior excellent mocking ideas and extreme magnificent theory, kept serving those confident and determined women and girls who held great passion toward the life, the reason they concern on excellent and superior materials, delicate hand craftsmanship, just existed in the fact they discipline themselves in great strictness, insist on enjoying the full beauty and goodness in life.

And KORRALAA welcome this in cutting-edge comfortable mocking spirit to lead the fashion trends, without deliberately requiring the users to stated themselves as “KORRALAAER” 

  • Brand culture

KORRALAA mocks to build the most personalized fashion bag brand with superior excellent materials and hand craftmanship.